1 Champion Against The Enemy! Amazing Pentakills!

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Acing the entire team by yourself is an incredible feat.  It is also something you don’t see too often, so when you get a montage like the one by Lol Montage on the next page, you take a watch and enjoy.  These insane 1 v 5 pentakills are from all levels of skill and all regions of play.  Watch a Korean Azir rip apart the other team, and then watch Annie take out an entire team after a great 3 man tibbers, and stay till the end because the best play is for last.  I really enjoy these team fights where one champion takes over.  Normally, I try to run and survive when I’m the last man standing, but this montage is filled with players willing to risk the rewards!  Head over to the next page and take some pointers, maybe next time you will stay and fight till the end, and enter into a montage too!


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Author: JTRex

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