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We all want to improve our game, and sometimes, it helps to step back and look at how we play, and not our teammates.  There will be games were you will carry everyone to glory, but the occasional game will need a different person to win it, or the whole team might have to come together.  It is a 5v5 game most of the times, so its best to play it that way, and over on goldper10.com, Blaide has started an Ultimate Guide to being a better player.  In this first part, 10 Rules are listed to help:

  • Rule #1: Use chat as little as you can.
  • Rule #2: Under any circumstances, don’t rage.
  • Rule #3: Use mute buttons if needed.
  • Rule #4: Don’t try to have too much fun, there are normal games for that.
  • Rule #5: Focus solely on your own play and your own mistakes.
  • Rule #6: Every time you die, remember what you have done wrong and learn from it.
  • Rule #7: Think strategically. Compare the pros and cons of every action that you can take.
  • Rule #8: Even if there’s a troll or AFK in your game, try your hardest to learn something from the game. There’s always something to learn.
  • Rule #9: Try to predict your opponents‘ actions and think as if you were your opponent.
  • Rule #10: Keep track of the minimap

There are many more rules which I haven’t even listed that you will learn by yourself but I tried to pick the most obvious and important ones. Let’s start with explaining every single rule. Number one might seem pretty interesting to you. In your games you probably see people chatting all the time, commenting every kill or death and even making fun of enemy in all chat. That’s the worst approach. People who chat often pay less attention to the actual game and they can get easily distracted. Simply the less you use chat the better. Number two is pretty obvious. You have to learn how to control your own emotions if you want to get better as a player. This applies even in real life. Raging doesn’t only affect your teammates but you as well, decreasing the chances of your team winning a game and setting you up for a possible tilt in upcoming games.


You can take some of these rules into any game which is great!  There is a ton more in this Ultimate Guide, head over to the full article here to find some helpful advice on being a better League of Legends player, I know I picked up a few tips.

Author: JTRex

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