10 Simple Steps For Building A Pro Deck!



Hearthstone Seasons come and go, and new legends are made with incredible decks, one is the Midrange Hunter Deck from top player and streamer Reinhardt.  How can you make your own high ranking deck?  It is really quite easy, below are all the needed steps, and if you need even more help moving up the ladder, you can always head over to twitch for an informative Hearthstone stream from Reinhardt.



Step #1:  OP Class and Simple Name

tjNvyBN - Imgur



Step #2:  Don’t waste your mana!

l086VU8 - Imgur


Step #3: Subbing out to fit your play style

aQ6S88Y - Imgur


Step #4: Keep these tips in mind while playing!

GE0jej8 - Imgur


Step #5: Go Hard Or Go Home!

gJJ1joS - Imgur


Step #6: Know your match up

S6bOmpc - Imgur


Step #7: Know even more match ups!

FMIxgTU - Imgur


Step #8: Have we mentioned match ups yet?

7tXeSVx - Imgur


Step #9: Be Prepared For Patron Warrior!

WClcCzf - Imgur


Step #10: Learn to face yourself!

H8M5IzS - Imgur


Bonus Step #11: Visit Reinhardt!

8AA9st9 - Imgur


Hope to see more decks next season!


Author: JTRex

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