3 Hated Champions You Will Always See!

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Powerful Junglers, Assassins and just annoying little pests litter the 100+ champion pool in League of Legends.  And in this recent video, stonewall008 has listed his top 3 Hated Champions from this pool, from his fans straight to us.  Whether it is the champion’s kit, or just the type of player piloting the champion, these 3 are the worst to face.  Also, a honorable mention to League of Legends own personal Satan, Teemo, because nobody likes Teemo.  But I do, sorry, I will always try to play Satan.  So head over to the next page and see if any of the 3 in the video make your list, or if you, like me, seem to be playing one of these champions all the time.


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Author: JTRex

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