3 Hearthstone Cards Just Released!



More Grand Tournament keep coming out.  We have 3 today, a warrior spell, a neutral epic minion and a druid minion that looks like it will rule arena.  Let check out these new additions to Hearthstone.  First the warrior spell:


Three for three for three!  Not the worst, but warrior has better ways of doing both things, and other hero classes have better damaging spells at 2 mana.


Next we have a druid minion from a Brazilian site, thanks Felipe Vinha of techtudo.com:




Translated, this is Druid of the Saber.  And it can be 2 different minions!  You get to choose, either it comes onto the field as a 2/1 charge minion, or a 3/2 stealth.  Nice flexibility for 2 mana.  Do damage right away, as charge minions get to attack right away, or stealth up and hide away with extra stats.


And the latest card, from The Grand Tournament’s main site, a neutral minion that gets stronger when you play battlecry!




Not the best stats to start off, but if you wait and play him with a few friends, he could get big really fast.  But, this just seems like a limited questing adventurer, and that isn’t really a powerhouse.  Who knows, The Grand Tournament is a 130 card expansion, and we can see a whole new game once all cards are revealed!  So keep an eye here and check out new cards as we get them!

Author: JTRex

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