A Great Argument For A League Sandbox Mode!

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Sports Psychologist are being used by eSports teams to make sure their players stay level headed during intense competition.  Weldon Green is one of them, recently working with NA LCS 1st seed CLG and 3rd seed Cloud 9.  You can see the result of his work, clearly these teams benefited from his service, and on the next page, Weldon has placed a video onto his Mind Game Consulting youtube channel pushing for a feature to help all League players: Sandbox Mode.  While you can go into a custom game of League and just play against an ai, you cannot easily alter the progression of the game, ie, want to practice dashing over that top lane wall which requires pixel perfect positioning?  Well you are gonna have to wait on your cooldowns, especially the 5 minute wait on a flash cooldown, might as well just make a brand new custom game a that point.  But Riot Games has their own reasoning for not introducing a Sandbox mode, and frankly, after watching this video, their excuses are useless at this point.   Check out a great cerebral view of the game and about eSports in general.


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Author: JTRex

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