A Return To Worlds Means A Shot At The Finals!

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In season 3, Mithy and the Lemondogs made it to Worlds out of the EU LCS.  They were not ready for it, and they were out of the group stages, even though many though they could make the quarterfinals.  Now in season 5, Mithy is on a new team, and he has been taking this rare second chance to push himself and Origen to the semifinals against SKT.  Over on lolesports.com, Riot Mirhi has Mithy as an impact player, saying:

Though we put his stats here, they don’t really encapsulate everything that Mithy does for his team. Mithy has been the primary playmaker for the team, both offensively and defensively. On champions such as Tahm Kench and Morgana, he’s protected Origen ADC Niels in the early-game and enabled his aggressive frontline playstyle in the mid- and late-game. On initiators such as Annie and Braum, he’s found key engages to lead his team to victory. Finally, on versatile champions such as Alistar and Thresh, he’s known when to go into a fight and cause havoc in enemy front and back lines, and to protect his own carries from harm.

Most of all, Mithy has been the escape pod for squishies in danger. Mithy half-jokingly referred to himself as a lantern bot — frequently waiting on the outside of engagements to throw a timely Dark Passage to turn the tide of a fight, or a fast Devour to gulp Niels out of trouble.

Begin able to stand back and provide an escape or running in first to start a fight is a great asset to Origen, making its hard for the other team to pick against them.  Mithy’s has some amazing stats so far this tournament too, and you can check them out in the full article here.

Author: JTRex

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