Amazing Pentakill From Worlds!

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Spoilers for those who have not seen Sunday’s games!





Going into Worlds, there were a few champions that looked to be ban worthy, and on the next page, you can see why Darius is one of them.  This top lane juggernaut gets to deal true damage with his ultimate, and also gets a reset of his ultimate after a kill, so in a high level team fight, with proper team play, he can clean up and ace the enemy.  And during the Cloud 9 vs Fnatic game that is exactly what happened.  Cloud 9’s top laner Balls took out every Fnatic member in a blink of an eye, even the game couldn’t keep up, skipping the quadra kill message and jumping straight to the Pentakill!  Thanks to Lol Esports Highlights we have the video on the next page, and the team voice comms included, so you can hear just how the team reacted to the play as well!


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