Blizzard Speaks On Arena! What Are They Saying?

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Back from a tour of Pax Prime, Kripparrian’s latest video talks about something dear to him, and many other Hearthstone fans, Arena.  Kripp speaks on the topic and on the comments made by Ben Brode, Hearthstone’s lead developer, and things get interesting.  Surprisingly to most Hearthstone fans, Blizzard does think of Arena balance and wants to work on it.  Will they be working on helping out Warrior in Arena, and will they tone down the power of Mage and Paladin, check out the video on the next page and see!

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Author: JTRex

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  1. What if blizzard made “arena exclusive” cl$#%&!@* cards? Like, cards that would be too over powered for constructive, balanced enough for arena, and, like, 3 of the 30 picks would be guaranteed come from a selection of arena exclusive cl$#%&!@* cards? Would this create a balance in arena?

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