BlizzCon Rundown! Tons Of Action From The Latest Con!



A lot of games were on display at this year’s BlizzCon, and along with new games like Overwatch, current games like WoW and Hearthstone had their moments with the latest expansions revealed.  And along with all this new content on display, there were live tournaments and shows, especially the Hearthstone World Championship.  There at BlizzCon to cast this tournament was Kripparrian, and over on his YouTube channel, he has a great video up running down all the events.  If you have never been to a BlizzCon, this is a great video to summarize the event, and since Kripp was invited to cast, he has a great behind the scenes look.  And behind the scenes swag as well, you gotta check out the physical Hearthstone cards he got to take with him, all revolving around the new expansion.  So check out the video below to get a feel for Blizzard’s biggest event.


Author: JTRex

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