EU LCS is a Must Watch This Week!



Week 7 and all other weeks are going to be must watch, that is until Fnatic loses, as they go into the week undefeated.  But there is more going on here, as outside of 12-0 Fnatic, the rest of the teams are so close, there are important matches all over.  Over at, Sabrewolf has this weeks lineup of key game, mostly Fnatic verses the other top teams H2K and Origen, saying:

Of course first they need to get past the last few hurdles, and this week is the biggest hurdle of the split on paper. Fnatic’s last clash with H2k was amazingly disappointing from the side of H2k; they were dominated and thrown off their usual form. None of the H2k players looked like their usual selves, however if they can hold their footing this time we may be able to see what we should have seen in week 5.

Fnatic’s last game against Origen was near the same effect, Origen didn’t look like the same beast and what was supposed to be a very tightly contested game turned into more of an average win. At this point I’m surprised to say Fnatic’s biggest challenge has been against Giants, although the circumstances of the remade game last week left a bad taste in my mouth.


This week has so much more, so get ready for the playoff run, and check out the other key matches here.


Author: JTRex

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