Get Off My Team! 10 Troll Champs You Just HATE to see!

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When you que up for a match, plenty of times your teammates just doom your game from champ select, picking somebody who you don’t want to see.  Troll picks that can displace you for no reasons, high skill capped champs that can lose a game with a misclick, or just snowball picks that fall flat when they don’t get their early lead.  And many more, Jeremy “Gaming Curios” has collected the top 10 that he feels fit into these categories, and I couldn’t agree with him more.  His video on the next page goes over 10 champs that can ruin your game before it is even loaded.  Shaco syndrome shows up, and even the new champion Tahm Kench hits the list, as you can be a huge troll with this devour ability.  Any more to be added?  Any champions forgotten?  See the video and check for yourself!


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Author: JTRex

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