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With $3000 on the line, the Challengestone 2 Tournament is more than just a fun twist to play Hearthstone, but a test for each competitor. has a recap on the Semis and Finals from yesterday, July 28.  Challengestone sets new rules set on the normal Hearthstone game and here is what players had to follow for the 2nd running:

The Challenge:

Players must Build decks with the following restrictions:

– 3 decks of the same class, conquest.

– No duplicate or multiple cards within the same deck and across all decks.


In this challenge, you can only use one copy of each card to build 3 decks of the same class. If you use this copy in a deck, you cannot use it in another deck. The format is conquest, so you have to beat the opponent once with each one of the three decks you make.

The format of this event is Conquest: in order to win, you have to beat your opponent once with EACH ONE of your decks. Therefore, after each game, the winner MUST pick another one of their decks, the loser can keep the same deck or pick another one of their decks.

Challenge time: 35 minutes

Banned classes: None

Wow!  That makes for some gameplay you cannot find anywhere else.  No need to spoil these off the cuff matches, get the full finals recap by clicking the link here.

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