Huge Hearthstone Exhibition AT BlizzCon!

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Hearthstone is going to be out in full force at BlizzCon this year, with the World Championship Tournament, and with a special exhibition on hand.   What will this mystery tournament be?  On the next page, you can watch Kripparrian explain the whole thing, and get a rundown of all the Hearthstone related events going on.  Last year, BLizzard laid out $100,000 dollars for the World Champion, and this year the same amount up for grabs.  In addition, the exhibition this year will be handing out prizes as well, so there will be a lot of big money going to Hearthstone players this weekend.  Head over and see the format and players for this mode.  Kripp has all the details in this announcement and we are excited for a weekend filled with Hearthstone play!


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Author: JTRex

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