If You Aren’t A Fan Then What Are You?

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The dictionary describes fanatical as filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.  That seems a bit over dramatic, but when you think of the term fan, and that it is take from the word fanatical, things start to make sense.  Just ask any TSM fan!  All joking aside, when we look at eSports and its fan base, one can easily make the connection between fans in traditional sports, and it is because of these shared fanatical actions.  The chatting in game, the merchandise, waiting for autographs after games, we are all fans.  Well, not all of us, as veteran eSports Journalist Thorin state in his latest video in his Thorin’s Thoughts series, he is not a fan.  Wait, Thorin knows so much about pro CS:GO, Starcraft, League of Legends, and he loves making analogies to the NBA, how is he not a fan!  Check out this interesting look into Thorin’s coverage of eSports, and see if you too, are not a fan.


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Author: JTRex

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