Is China Making The Most Out Of Their Players?

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The Chinese League of Legends scene is bursting with talent, and it showed at MSI, even though they had a few Korean imports, EDG beat 2013 World Champions SKT in a best of 5.  Top Chinese teams like EDG and LGD have taken in high profile Korean players and made huge improvements, but could they of done better with local talent, is there a more efficient way to build a team?  What did teams in the past do?  Could they have managed things better?  Well, Thorin has a lot of these point and more in his latest video, and on the next page you can check out his look into the Chinese talent pool.  It is a great watch, especially if you don’t really follow the LPL scene, so I know I learned a lot.  So head over to the next page to see another great video in Thorin’s Thoughts.


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Author: JTRex

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