New Hearthstone Expansion From BlizzCon!



Get ready for a true adventure, as the latest Hearthstone expansion is looking to explore the unknown, as The League of Explorers is set to add new cards and new gameplay!  As with the other player vs environment expansion like Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers will be set up in wings.  Each wing will unlock a set of cards and include a Legendary card as well.  You can head over to the Hearthstone Facebook page here to check out the full card list.  You can purchase the full expansion at a discount, or grab only the wings with the cards you want, with in game gold or real money, either way is fine if you are only looking for a certain card.  There is a lot more to see, so check out the release trailer and then head over here to the official League of Explorers page!


Author: JTRex

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