New to Hearthstone? Watch This First!

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Streamer and youtuber Kripparian has been involved with Hearthstone ever since Blizzard allowed the beta to be streamed.  Normal his daily youtube videos highlight events from his previous streams, or tournaments he is hosting or casting, but today Kripp gave new comers to Hearthstone a real treat.  This video is filled with tons of information and tips for newcomers.  A must watch for anybody just getting into Hearthstone, Kripp shows off quick and easy ways to grab gold, dust, and packs.  With all this and more, you can introduce anybody to the game.  And best of all Hearthstone is free!  Get a buddy to watch this and have them make an account, that way you can have a practice dummy of your own!  Move onto to the next page to watch the video!

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Author: JTRex

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