Reflect With A Legend, The Original Pro Gamer Thresh!

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When you are in the Guinness Book of World Records, you get the used to the title “first pro gamer” with pride, and Dennis “Thresh” Fong does just that.  On the next page, Dennis sits down with another veteran, Thorin, for his Reflection series.  If you want to dig into the roots of the eSports scene, then this video is a much watch, as Thorin and Dennis go over current games, like League of Legends, and the original eSprots heavyweights, like Quake and Quake2.  Speaking of League of Legends, Thresh the champion has his name sake taken from Dennis.  And if you ever so happen to be playing on the NA league server and run into the user named Thresh, well, you better bring your best.  You will up against the OG World Record holding Pro Gamer himself!  Check out the Reflections series and dive into the beginning of the scene we follow today.  I enjoyed it and I know you will too.


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