RUMOR! League’s Newest Ultimate Skin Should Be a Sight to Behold!



It’s just a rumor for now, but if the newest leak of an upcoming Ultimate skin is legit, then it should be quite something to behold! League of Legends Champion Maokai is said to be the recipient of quite a bit of attention if this leak turns out to be true. Here is what the leak, revealed on Reddit, had to say:

The new skin will be for Maokai and the working title right now is World Walker Maokai. Comes with lore changes to Maokai and slightly expanded lore for Baron Nashor. Will be heavily focused on interacting with Summoners Rift itself.


  • New VO/animations/particles/appearance. The difference will be more drastic than Udyr vs SGU.
  • Visual changes to both Dragon and Baron Nashor.
  • Dragon will be very visually different while visual changes for Baron not as drastic.
  • New particles/attack animations/sounds for both.
  • Jungle camps will also have a new appearance

Map Interactions:

  • Summoners Rift changes as he walks through the Rift. Flowers and other fauna grow out of the ground, map becomes more naturey/lively in addition to other effects
  • Effects will be small at first, but as he gains passive stacks the effects grow
  • Ally team will always see the effects while enemy team only sees effects if they had direction vision on him in the area he walked through.

Changes caused by a trigger:

  • Dragon changes in appearance every time you kill him. Reaches his “final” stage on his fifth respawn
  • If a team kills Baron the entire map becomes much more pristine and Maokai changes in appearance.
  • Overall Maokai has four “stages” of transformation

Sounds quite comprehensive! I’m a big fan of the new visual effects for the dragon, flowers blooming  and Maokai literally transforming! Well at least in concept. This SOUNDS too good to be true, so it might end up being so. Again, this is a rumored leak. If true tho, this is gonna be awesome! What do you think?

Author: JTRex

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