Stealing Wins and Many Arcane Missiles!

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A lot of crazy things can happen in Hearthstone, and even when you are playing ranked, you will come across moments that are just amazing.  Some of these are hilarious, and some are just so lucky that they make your head spin.  Over on the next page, Trolden continues on with his Funny and Lucky Moments series on youtube, were we can see a great collection of plays that you cannot believe.  In this episode, the mage rare secret Effigy is turning out some impossible plays, leading to some huge combos that you normal couldn’t do.  I really enjoy this series, and this episode really showcases how random Hearthstone can be, so I want you guys to check it out.  Your opponents may get lucky every so often, but never like this, so head over and stay for the final missile barrage.  A mage with 2 Malagos is a scary thing!


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Author: JTRex

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