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Sometimes you don’t need fancy gameplay, funny moments, or new Heroes to draw attention to a game.  When you have the fan base of Blizzard, your loyal gamers do it for you, and they do it in style.  Blizzard just released a whole set of epic fan art from their Fan Art Contest and Vaeflare has the 25 contenders for the top spot.  Some of these pieces I want up on my living room walls, these semi-finalist are all winners to me, you just gotta check them out.  And there is obviously prize money on the line:

There are over $13,000 worth of prizes and an original sketch from Sam Didier up for grabs, and by the time the deadline for the contest drew to a close a few weeks ago, an incredible 2,373 pieces of stunning artwork had been submitted! The sheer talent of each and every one of these artists is astounding, and we highly encourage you to feast your eyes on all of the contest entries.

Wow guys, I think I would agonize over picking the winner, you guys decide for yourself over here.

Author: JTRex

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