Thank You RNG! Lucky Hearthstone Plays!

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Hearthstone can be a game of skill and strategy, but as Trolden likes to remind us, there is also a ton of lucky involved!  On the next page you can check out the latest Funny and Lucky Moments series, and with all the new Grand Tournament cards, the random aspect of the game has increased.  Murlock Knights summoning Murlock Knights summoning even more Knights!  Ambushes from Rouges that put 3 4/4 minions into play turn 2 and wins out of no where with Knife Jugglers, this series just keeps on reminding us why we love Hearthstone.  Unless you were on the losing side, then we feel bad man, never lucky.  Enjoy these moments from Trolden on the next page.  I know that last play made me laugh, stick around to see why!


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Author: JTRex

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