The Battle To Face CLG! Keys To Victory Here!



CLG has beaten TiP 3-0 today in their quarterfinals match up.  They are going to Madison Square Garden to face the winner of the Team Liquid vs Team Solo Mid match.  How can either of these top tier NA LCS teams pull out a win?  Ryan Tang of has 5 keys to keep an eye for, saying:

I think TSM will take this series 3-1 over Team Liquid. It will be a close series, and Liquid’s strong lanes will consistently put TSM on the brink of defeat, but I just don’t think they have the teamfighting or sieging to close games out. Piglet/Xpecial or Quas will go to town on their lane opponents and secure Liquid an easy win or two, but if TSM ever enters the mid game teamfight phase in a competent position (even if they are down 3-4k gold) they should be able to take the game.

One key strategy for TL to win will be to include more split-pushing. TSM lacks the individual players to contend unless they give Bjergsen an assassin and let him split, in which case they are very unlikely to win teamfights. TL should also look towards TSM’s Olaf comp for inspiration in easily shutting down a one-carry team. Strategies that TSM doesn’t expect could take the series 5 games or even swing it over into a TL win.

For TSM, they should revert back to their Bjergsen-centric comps during the regular season. If Turtle steps up his game, it should be an easy win for TSM, but it’s important to remember that TSM only lost to Liquid this season due to a lucky Baron steal by Piglet. In that game, TL amassed a large gold lead but would have lost the game due to several botched teamfights. TSM should look to prepare contingency plans but if things stay as they are, their current form is enough to give them the definite advantage heading into the series.

A TSM vs CLG finals would be a fan favorite for the biggest stage in the world!  Ryan has some thought provoking questions in his article that back up his statement, check them out in the full article here.

Author: JTRex

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