The True Nature Of RNG! Give And Take All In A Turn!

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When you are down to your last few life points in Hearthstone, you may not be entirely out of it, as all it takes is something as small as a Doom Bot hitting the right target to bring you back into the game.  On the next page, Disguised Toast has a video that highlights these plays, but as you can tell, in a instant they get flipped right around.  Epic Comebacks are aplenty in Hearthstone, but your opponent has the same chance to stop your miracles, and boy can it be heartbreaking.  Unless you are checking out this next video, then you will probably enjoy the heartache you see as these players have comebacks stopped in their tracks, all off the top of the deck.  Even in tournament play, in a final match of a best of 5 this can happen, and the ending to this game will shock you.  Gotta see how a win was just thrown away with a ton on the line!


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Author: JTRex

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