Top Players At Worlds! #8 and 7!



Today we get a support and adc combo for top players at Worlds series.  At number 8 we have one of the few players who has attended all five Worlds, Fnatic’s veteran support and leader, Yellowstar.  And while his first World’s appearance saw his there as an adc himself, since then, he has been going as one of the best supports in at the Tournament.  Frank Fields has more on the hard work Yellowsats has put in to stay at this level:

Behind YellOwStaR’s shot-calling, mentoring, and strong individual play, Fnatic won the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split, advanced to the Quarterfinals of the Mid-Season Invitational, and won the Summer Split after an undefeated regular season. His influence in games became apparent after Mic Checks throughout the season — he was a calm in the storm, a guide when it looked like there was no way out. His drive for excellence was undeniable and spread through the team. YellOwStaR was the mastermind behind a near-perfect team. For his efforts, YellOwStaR was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award for EU LCS Summer 2015.

Another MVP on the list and another worthy addition.  Next we have another EDG players hitting the list.  Number 7 is MSI Winner Deft.  Rachel Gu talks about Deft’s move form Korean’s LCK to China’s LPL:

Ever since joining the LPL, Deft has become a more versatile AD carry. But he’s still a player that shines brightest when his team plays around him. Deft excels in Juggermaw-type compositions where he can poke out enemies with his ultimate and bait a fight, protected by numerous shields from his team.

Last year, Deft was left in tears after a demoralizing loss to Samsung White on the Worlds stage. But this year he is putting on his best game face. Even though he won the Mid-Season Invitational, he’s entering the 2015 World Championship with a chip on his shoulder. He’s in Europe for one reason: to win. Chances are, he’ll do just that.

Deft has come into this tournament with something to prove, and with the potential to face former Samsung White adc Imp at the tournament, you know he will be playing his best.  Check out the full article and video for Deft here and for more on Yellowstar check out his article here.  Getting closer to World’s and the top 5.  With only a few big names to go, who will take number one, is there anybody worthy enough of being ranked over Faker?  We shall see as we get close to the start of the group stage.

Author: JTRex

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