Twitch Better Watch it’s Back!



Ahh Twitch. We here at Daily eSports News love it to death, as I’m sure you all do too. Its the number 1 website for live streaming services in the world for a reason. However its still nothing compared to the juggernaut of a video service that is Youtube! Granted, the two services, while fundamentally similar on the surface are actually totally different as Twitch is mostly centered around live streaming, while Youtube is not. However, today, Youtube made an announcement that may one day level the playing field. Its a slow start, but it IS a start. I bet you are wondering what this announcement is. I bet you are also wondering why this article is grouped under the Hearthstone header and why this news might be very interesting to Hearthstone players and fans. Well, you are just gonna have to click right here to find out more!

Author: JTRex

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