What A Dota2 Team Can Do In 7 Seconds Will Surprise You!

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The International 5 is bringing all sorts of Dota2 highlights.  And when you get a high stakes game to go over an hour and 30 minutes, some objectives just melt, and in 7 seconds Fnatic takes out the fierce neutral monster Roshan. That is incredible!  The full team wasn’t even there!  You gotta see how they set this up, as the game didn’t even end after that, it was all just a speed bump on the road for them.  Twitch Highlights has the play here so you don’t have to dig through the hours and hours of vods.  Thank you for that!  Head over to see the toughest monster in Dota2 reduced to a minor distraction.  I couldn’t believe it!


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Author: JTRex

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