What Is Going On With NiP?

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Always a solid CS:GO team, Ninja’s in Pajamas has been all over the place recently, and veteran eSports Journalist Thorin has some thoughts on it.  Over on the next page you can find his latest Thorin’s Thoughts, accurately titled Ninjas in Pieces.  The team on paper is better than the top 8 finishes they have been recently getting.  The core of this team has some of the best players currently active, yet why are they placing so low, there are many things going on behind the screen that are affecting this team.  Thorin does a great job of going over the history of NiP in CS and CS:GO, and while he cannot tolerate the fans backing NiP, he makes a good point for the players.  Head over to the next page to check out Thorin’s look at this CS:GO powerhouse.  It is always a pleasure to listen to Thorin as he digs deep into the past.


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Author: JTRex

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